Shoot Concepts

I love shooting different concepts and always have a handful that I would love to try. These are just a few ideas, but bring any ideas you have and let's try it!

Concept 1 

Recreate the style of either my favorite photographer or my favorite painter

Concept Info:

So my favorite photographer is Georgy Chernyadiev (Russian). His imagery has a beautiful model, is shot in natural light, or using lamps in a room, and has such a spacious feeling.  He shoots each image ultra-wide with the model nearly centered. His site is linked below, and I suggest taking a look.

On the page are photos made in the genre Art-nude. Photographer Georgy Chernyadiev.

My favorite painter is Jack Vettriano. You might be familiar with some of his work, but his sexually charged work is what I love. It's not about nudity, perversion, or anything like that. Each painting has a visual story you can see has just happened right before the painting's scene, or is about to happen. Visit his site below, and look for "Love, Devotion and Surrender" or "Affairs of the Heart" and you should see it. The second link is some more inspo I put together.

Exhibitions — Jack Vettriano


Both styles really depend on a location that just looks great, so I think finding a location might be the toughest part of shooting this style.


Another key component to shooting these styles would be to establish a story or narrative for each shot that includes elements for the viewer that happened right before or is about to happen right after each shot.


Honestly, with a location figured out and a number of story narratives defined I think everything else will just work itself out.

Concept 2

Artistic Fabric Refresh

Concept Info:

I have been wanting to refresh my fabric images for a while now, and have some complex ideas I'd really like to try.

If you're not familiar with my fabric work I suggest reading this post:

Shooting with Fabric
Shooting with fabric takes some know-how and patience, and is one of those concepts that continually challenges me. But those shots that really turn out great make it all worth the effort.


Does require some design and planning collaboration ahead of time. Depending on what we try to create we'll know what we'll need.


This type of shoot will need at least 4-6 hours to do based on my previous work.

Example & Reference

Here's some of my previous work for reference:

Fabric Examples
26 new items added to shared album

Have a few inspo albums for fabric shots, but what I'd say is the more elaborate the better. Let's try something others wouldn't or couldn't do:

It would be cool to shoot with fabric on location somewhere interesting too:

Concept 3

Rockabilly or Chola

Concept Info:

A woman who has a strong sense of style, is beautiful, and is also tough as shit. I love how this contrasts.  I don't think you can fake this though. I'm sure it's lifestyle.   Just to be clear too, I am NOT talking pin-up style with this.  


Definitely a location concept, and not one to be shot in studio. Someplace that looks/feels authentic with the style.


The whole look screams sexy, strong, stylish and tough. You see that "take no shit" attitude but are also drawn to the beauty. The look should also be "all in". Shoes, socks, shirt, whatever. Every piece worn is part of the whole look.


I seriously have no idea, just have been wanting to shoot this style for some time.

Example & Reference

Inspo gallery I've put together:

Concept 4

Bold and Vibrant, Over the Top Color

Concept Info:

I always feel color is usually an accent, but I love when I see images that are fully color loaded and well thought out color coordination (this is the key element). I had these two paintings customer made (yay Etsy!) and hanging on my wall because I love the color and texture of the paint.

Example & Reference

I've slowly been adding images to this inspo album as I see imagery that resonates with this concept.

Concept Challenge:

I can get very OCD with details and particulars plus I am not a fan of cliche studio sets and backdrops. Not in any bad way, I just strive for perfection :)  I understand it might just be a foregone conclusion to use one of those studios for this type of look, but I still believe every color needs to be intentional.  I feel everything else will be common sense if we pick this, and have an initial shoot plan discussion.

Any Concept

Let's Do Big, Unique, New, Different

I'm open to pretty much any concept. Let's create something big, new or better. I love creating shit that creates awe and wow.