Evolving How I Shoot

Evolving my shooting style to capture more engaging content.

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Evolving How I Shoot

I know I've been publishing content a tad slower recently, and there's still a LOT more content to come.  I've had a few epiphanies recently that are leading me to change how I shoot and capture newer content, and thought I'd share the rationale.

Long Form Content

After publishing content here for a while, I realize that I've been capturing images for a short-form end product.  Maybe post 2 to 3 of the images on IG, Twitter, etc. Similar to shooting portraiture or boudoir with my studio, except those 2 to 3 images would be for print.

I don't have any limitations when publishing here so why not capture with long-form publishing in mind?


If I'm publishing a set of 40 or so images, I want them to be more than just a series of random poses. I have no desire to script a shoot or create an elaborate story. Just a simple start and endpoint. It doesn't even have to make any sense. Let's call them photographic keyframes.

The term keyframe goes back to the early days of film, when the first animated film “Gertie the Dinosaur” was created.  The keyframe signals the start and end of on-screen animation.  The use of keyframes in animation was popularized by Disney, where many of the early principles of animation were worked out.  In those days the senior animators would come in at the start of the day and create the keyframes.  Once they’d finish creating those keyframes, they would go off leaving a junior animator to work the rest of the day creating the ‘inbetweens’, the intermediate frames between the keyframes that give the animation movement. Source

Adding More Motion And Emotion

I personally love images I capture that have movement and some emotionality to them so I'll be capturing more in future shoots.

I was preparing a set from my shoot with Gracie her personality just radiates from the images.

In my first shoot with Ava, I found the motion in the images engaging even as a split-second frozen in time.

Already A Few Shoots In

I've done a few shoots recently with these concepts, and love how they're turning out.  I've learned some lessons from these earlier shoots, and have a number of shoots planned for the coming weeks.  Keep an eye out for sets from these as I blend them into the queue with sets from prior shoots.

Continually learning and experimenting just fuels the creative fire.