Lets Shoot!

If you're reading this we are either discussing shooting together, or we've already agreed to do a shoot together, and are now working through logistics.  I put this page together to help give you a better understanding of who I am, what I'm doing, and answer as many questions as I can up front.  Also, I got sick of sending this info out over and over so let's call this efficient laziness :)

About Me

So you have a better understanding

I had a successful studio about 10 years ago. Yes, the following images are from 2009 working with models back then while I built out my boudoir portion of my business.

I loved working with models, but I hated working with my customers.  Weddings, family portraits, even boudoir was soul sucking so I shutdown my studio, and sold my gear and just walked away.

I loved creating the art, and building all the business stuff out, but I hated dealing with the customers.  Bridezillas, OC housewives doing boudoir, etc.

When I decided to come back and start shooting again in 2019, there were 2 main reason. I was curious how much the model/photographer sub-culture might have changed (not much), and how has social media changed photography (back then there was only Facebook).  

Our Shoot

The Details

Trust and Transparency

I understand everyone's need for safety and need to be cautious.  Here's some key things to know to help in our discussions:

  • Absolutely everything we do will be based on your comfort level, and I will make every effort to make sure to not cross any boundaries, but you have to let me know what they are.
  • I'll ask you what your boundaries are before we shoot, but if you're not comfortable with anything simply let me know.
  • Ask me anything, anytime, and I'm happy to answer
  • I will explain nearly every aspect of our shoot. I need you to understand so we can get great images
  • Our shoot is a collaboration. I have plenty of thoughts and ideas, but I'm all about trying things you might want to capture too.
  • I will geek out on the lighting, the shot, and the science and psychology of the images we're creating. Seriously, don't be shy to shush me as I start blabbing.
  • I can get a little raw with my language, but will never disrespect you. I may cross the boundaries of social norms and protocols, but I'll explain it.

Understanding The Shoot

The First Set

Just so you know, dramatic images are all about lighting and shadows.  In our very first set or two I will be explaining every aspect of lighting, and shadow, and talking you through how you will need to pose and use the lighting.  Most likely I will bring a laptop to shoot tethered so we can see each shot as we take it, and talk through what works, what doesn't, etc.  After about the 3rd set everyone usually understands. Then the shoot really starts moving fast.  I promise you, regardless of your skill and experience level, we will be adding some very advanced concepts and skills to your repertoire.

Creating Emotional Response

We will use the lighting, shadow, and your posing to create an emotional response with the viewer.  I'll explain every detail of the pose, lighting, set, lines, angles, etc. This is where most models I work with get the biggest kick out of working with me but feel free to question anything I blab about.

Art Focused on Creating Desire and Sensuality

Whether we agree to shoot nude, or not, my artistic focus is on creating visuals that create desire and attraction artistically with the viewer. I like to say we are "Manufacturing Desire", and will happily share details on on the science and psychology of different elements of what we create, and how they add to the visual emotional response.  The tease and the build-up of anticipation are very powerful in visual art and something I have always been fascinated with.

Preparing For the Shoot


Even though we may have agreed to shoot nude I highly suggest bringing at least 5-10 changes.  In a typical 2 hour shoot it is not uncommon to capture 1,000 images that are all great. There's nothing worse than getting so many great images, but having them all of 2 looks/outfits.  

Some considerations for your wardrobe:

  • Bring more skin tight, or skin revealing clothing. Light and shadow works best when cast on the form of the body.
  • Try to stay away from loose and flowy outfits. A large and loose dress for example will catch all light, and create a boxy frame of dull darkness.
  • Try to keep wardrobe to solid colors and/or minimal patterns as possible. We will be creating focus using your body, lighting and shadow and most clothing patterns break the eye flow patterns, and pull attention away from where we'll be intentionally creating focus.
  • Want to bring shoes? Go for it, but they'll be for you more than anything. Rarely noticed in the images, but a great prop.
  • These are not aboslute rules! They're guidelines, so don't overthink them.

Hair and Makeup

Don't go crazy with your hair style at all. Clean and neat is all we need. If you have a lot of loose/flyaway hairs, maybe bring a ponytail holder? I'll have baby oil that you can use to tame flyaway hairs too.

Keep your make up as clean, neat, and natural as possible. Avoid thick eyeliner, deep lipstick, etc. We can add as we progress through the shoot, but too much can potentially detract from the overall image.

Want to Bring an Escort?

If you want to bring an escort to help you feel safe? Absolutely!  Even better if they can model, and I'll likely ask them to help. Only thing I ask if this is your escort's first time seeing you in a shoot, especially if we're shooting nude, please spend time explaining what to expect to them before you arrive.

Bring a Picture ID

I will need a model release from you, and will need to take a picture of your ID. This means I'll learn your real name, but just tell me what you prefer. I need the model release to submit any images we capture to publications, or to awards submissions.  I make sure you get credit if I do, and would never use your release or image for anything you may not be comfortable with.

Need to Cancel?

All I ask is to have professional courtesy and give me at least 1 days notice if you need to cancel.  I get that life sometimes just happens, but nothing worse than not being considerate.  I will do the same.

Inspiration and Posing

I have most likely shared some inspiration images with you already, but just in case you want to study, here's a number of posing references, and inspiration galleries that I will likely have up on the TV while we're shooting so you don't struggle with any model's posing mental block:

After the Shoot

You Get All Raw Images The Same Day

I never understood why some photographers are so stingy with images captured together.

After the shoot I will upload all the images we capture and share them with you the same day, or early the next day!

Nearly every image will look great out the camera. I'll create a private online gallery to share full sized raw images from our shoot and send them to you.  Use them however you want! Process, edit, post, share, whatever. I just ask to tag me when you do publish.

Processed Images

A couple days after our shoot I will also create a processed gallery, and share this with you.  Same unrestricted access applies to these too!  However, I tend to process images in spurts so I may process a handful one day, and then not get to another batch until a week or more later.

I may post or publish images in the processed gallery, but you are welcome to use them too!

Exception: There's one exception to the processed gallery.  Some publications and awards do require an image to not be previously published. If I submit for these, I'll let you know and just pull it from the processed gallery.

Looking Forward to Our Shoot!

I hope this info helps, but if you have any questions at all don't be shy and ask!  

If we do shoot together I have no doubt we will get great images!  When I reach out to someone to do a shoot it's because I see something that will be amazing in an image.

Celebrate your uniqueness!

Let's create!